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he gave me until the 26th. I'm trying not to stress. Really.

I have some funds saved, and plenty of offered couches. More stressed about all the CRAP I've managed to accumulate, and packing all that. And moving it in the spare hours I have when not working that week.  (40 hours in 4 days, including two overnights, two 2pm-8pm shifts, and two morning sails. I think I have a time frame of four hours.)

I finally got a new phone. I don't have many minutes on it, but I do have unlimited text. Hurrah, real life. 619-846-7994.

I work an overnight tomorrow, then visit the Lady and Chieftain in Oakland for the next week. Thank god I found cheap tickets, and had these days off anyway, because heaven knows I need the time away, and if I can be 1400 miles away, and 90 feet above the sea, the distance is good.

Time to breathe.

Fresh air.

Good food.


Oh crap I need to be there now. 26 hours.


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Mar. 23rd, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
Need your help please ASAP
I will phone as soon as I can. School and work are killing me. I am having trouble with my Hotmail password. Actually, it is your password and I don't know it. Please help. I can not access it and mail is piling up. Marie
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